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erlack a pongoes

"I've said it before and I will say it again, whacking things about does really calm your nerves down."

yep, everything's in full nicolson swing.
and, like a true dimwit, i have just spilled nailpolish on my bed covers, and the pile of books on my floor. real smooth. but i am making a real artistic mess of that blanket on my bed. there are now two different kinds and colours of nailpolish on it.

on a more serious note, james and chantel have left the building. and last night was rather fabulous. (although i am sorry it was not also spent in the company of a certain thisisachance!) except for the part where i got home at four and it was light out. or the part where i woke up at nine with a splitting headache. but other then that, it was all around fabulous. molly picked me up and we popped in on james, chantel and the andrew man. then we visited josh...and helped him ready himself for a splendid time at divas. (MUWAHAHAHA lolololzzz) i must say...it was a good time. when he left, miss molly and i had a good talk, eating pop tarts, watching Stand By Me and drinking Hot 100. ouch.
then sean arrived, josh returned with some girlies and we were off. it was packed, cuz i guess it was Pride week. but i didnt run into as many people as usual. we met up with courtney. and at around last call, the fire bells began to ring. along with a spirited chorus of Filthy/Gorgeous and Kelly Clarkson's Walkaway it was all rather...charming.
anywho. so, it was a good time. and i'm looking forward to a nice evening with miss faiththerocker and my pa on dad day.
but i best be getting ready to head'er.
Happy Fathers Day, lovelies.
have a good one.


so, basically, for everyone's own good, just don't ask me how work at Superstore is going. because i am a complainer, i like to complain. i will complain your ears off if you let me. so, for your sanity, please don't.

...kinda pumped about XMEN 3, am i the only one?
lovely night out with the ladies last night, btw! save for the appearance of taso...lol. although he was quite endearing and scrumptious. fabulous suggestion for Greek food, miss Suzy Q!

and i cannot hate pete doherty when he continues to look so very lovely and sweet...
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and i LOVE this song
that is all.

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